ITEK’s subsidiary, NeoEnpla, is supplying eco-friendly graphene zipper bags to large retail companies, including E-Mart, creating a win-win situation.

[Prime Economy] ITEK (119830) is reaping the rewards of commercializing graphene-based products through its subsidiary, NeoEnpla. According to our investigation, ITEK has not only secured contracts with U.S. companies for ongoing annual exports but is also supplying eco-friendly graphene composite material zipper bags to major domestic retailers.


◆ First shipment of 200 tons of graphene raw material to U.S. company


Recently, NeoEnpla signed an export contract for 200 tons of graphene poly composite fiber yarn, produced using graphene compound technology, with Graphinus Fabrics, based in California, USA. This quantity can produce approximately 1.5 million T-shirts when used in clothing production.


Graphinus Fabrics is known as a leader in the North American graphene fiber market. They will process the imported yarn from NeoEnpla and manufacture sports apparel, athleisure wear, compression bands, and more for sale across the United States.


Currently, Graphinus Fabrics is actively producing and delivering products for various global sports brands, including government agencies, large hotels, NFL, MLB, and over 50 university sports departments.


As a result of this raw material import, NeoEnpla has expressed interest in entering the finished product market, such as clothing, accessories, and consumer goods, using graphene materials developed through research and development.


In the future, they plan to strengthen their cooperation for the North American market with advanced materials from NeoEnpla.


An official from NeoEnpla explained, "This U.S. export contract includes a guarantee of ongoing exports of over 1 billion KRW annually in addition to the 200-ton initial contract."


They also emphasized, "Apart from this, we plan to accelerate the commercialization of graphene, which has been called the material of the future, by entering the consumer goods market."

◆ Supply of graphene zipper bags to E-Mart, Coupang, and more, "expansion into containers and more"


NeoEnpla is also showcasing its graphene application technology in South Korea. They are selling eco-friendly graphene composite material zipper bags through large domestic retailers.


NeoEnpla supplies a material that combines graphene and polyethylene (LDPE) to Samsung Chemical. Samsung Chemical uses this material to manufacture zipper bags. NeoEnpla supplies these zipper bags to E-Mart, while Samsung Chemical delivers them to Costco and Coupang.


Graphene possesses a high surface density, which enhances air-blocking properties, improves food freshness, and provides antibacterial functions. It is also stronger than diamond but offers excellent flexibility, making it suitable for zipper bag development.


NeoEnpla has the technology to produce graphene fiber yarn by combining graphene with PET raw materials, not just coating graphene on fibers. This technology has been applied to the development of graphene underwear and leisurewear, and the recently launched graphene slider zipper bags are based on this development experience and technology.


An official from the company stated, "Based on this zipper bag development, we plan to introduce products closely related to everyday life, such as hygiene gloves and food storage containers, to maximize the added value of graphene materials."


On a different note, I-Tech invested in NeoEnpla, a leading company in the development of graphene composite materials, targeting the fast-growing eco-friendly advanced composite materials market in 2021.


Subsequently, I-Tech has been conducting research and development on graphene commercialization technology, as well as application research and development using carbon nano materials such as MXene, double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNT), alongside its graphene commercialization technology.