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ITEK Affiliates


ReadN is a robotics platform and digital signage company, with its main technology being robotic integration control solutions. Focusing on the intelligent robot integration management system business based on SI solutions and references is their main endeavor.

BA Energy

BA Energy is an energy ICT company that operates ESS, energy safety management system and zero energy building business. Contributing to the safety of the energy industry and ESG carbon-neutral society.

Samsung Medicos

Samsung Medicos is a leading skin care company specializing in cosmetic manufacturing with strong OEM/ODM capabilities, holding patents, certifications, and a commitment to quality management in the pharmaceutical sector.


NeoEnpla excels through design, technology, and customer collaboration, aiming to lead with innovative materials, graphene for a dynamic future.

Dongwoo Tech

DongWoo Tech is a company that develops integrated products at the intersection of environmental and ICT fields.