When was ITEK incorporated?

ITEK,inc was incorporated in 2005 as ITEK Semiconductor, and listed on the Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotation(KOSDAQ) on October 29, 2010. The company was renamed ITEK,inc in 2019.

What is ITEK credit rating?

ITEK,inc receives credit ratings from credit rating agencies, Ecredible and NICE D&B. The Company's credit ratings as of May, 2022 were: BB- with a recognition of short-term commercial credit.

Information of Samsung's credit rating
Date Security Rating Credit rating agency
May 2019 corporate credit rating BB- Ecredible
May 2020 corporate credit rating BB- Ecredible
June 2021 corporate credit rating BB Nice D&B Co.Ltd
September 2021 corporate credit rating BB-- Ecredible
July 2022 corporate credit rating B Ecredible
May 2023 corporate credit rating BB- Ecredible
Note: Rating ranges are AAA to D for Ecredible and NICE D&B
What are ITEK’s business divisions?

ITEK, and affiliated entities, are engaged in various business segments, including the 'Semiconductor Testing Division,' which provides semiconductor-related technical services, software consulting, and development and supply of electronic engineering services. ITEK also has 'Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales,' 'Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, and Equipment Wholesale,' 'Manufacturing and Sales related to Composite Converged New Materials (Graphene),' and a 'Cold Chain' business division.

Who is on ITEK’s Board of Directors?

ITEK’s Board of Directors consists of seven Directors, three of whom are Independent Directors. The table below provides information on each member.

ITEK,inc’s Board of Directors
Title Name Responsibility
Chief Executive Officer Janghyuck Lee General Management
Executive Officer Hyunsik Choi Management Support
Executive Officer Jungyeop Lee Management Support
Executive Officer Kangyong Choi Management Support
Independent Officer Minho Kang Management Support
Independent Officer Heesun Kim Management Support
Auditor Yoonho Cho Audit
How do I find financial information about ITEK?

Please refer to the Financial Statements documents of our website.

What is ITEK’s fiscal year and the corresponding earning releases dates?

ITEK’s fiscal year is equivalent to the calendar year. Typically, our earnings release for 1Q is in May, 2Q in August, 3Q in November, and 4Q in March of the following year.